My name is Gilbert Costache and I am a Romanian professional model who had worked in this industry for the past 12 years in the main fashion capitals of the world such as: Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul and New York.
Living in New York City I rediscovered the hidden passion I had for acting. And so, I started pursuing that, landing roles in off-Broadway plays. The pre-performing plays, the laughs and the tears, the ovations and the applauses at the end of each play is what keeps me alive.

I am licensed life-coach and life taught me that in order to achive your dreams it is very important to have inner resources, be open and aware, find the right path for yourself and be consistent.

To open up spiritually, mentally and emotionally, facing my fears and being honest to myself, brought me inner peace and showed me the values of life.

Height US/EU Weight US/EU Chest US/EU Waist US/EU Hips US/EU Suit US/EU Shoe Size US/EU
6'2"/1.87m 176lb/80kg 96 32"/79cm 97 38L/48 9.5/42